Blue Lips movie 2014

Lenght - 1 hour 32 minutes
Raiting: 6.7 / 10
Language: Spanish

Trivia: Six characters from six different cities around the world (Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Buenos Aires, Rome and Pamplona) experience an event in their lives that kills something inside them. Unable to cope with these deaths, they are lost and without direction.

Directed by Daniela De Carlo, Julieta Lima, Gustavo Lipsztein

Writers are Daniel Mediavilla, Amaya Muruzabal

Stared: Dudu Azevedo, Malena Sánchez, Simone Castano, Avi Rothman, Keona Cross, Pedro Bromfman, Clara Botas

Produced by David Ciurana, Daniela De Carlo, Luis de la Madrid, Candela Figueira, Julieta Lima